Taking Care Of Your Upholstery

February 12th, 2017, Post by tomwatsonupholstery

When it comes to taking care of your upholstery, it’s important to remember that all fabrics are different and that the care required will need to be adapted to suit the fabric in question. Whether you have a leather or fabric suite, following this handy guide will ensure your furniture stays in perfect condition and gives you many years of enjoyment and comfort.

Avoid Fabric Fading And Leather Cracking

One of the most common enemies of furniture is the sun. Not only can it cause color to fade on your fabric furnishings, but it can also cause leather to become dry and to eventually crack. To prevent this from happening, try to keep furniture out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Control the light that falls on your furniture with blinds, drapes or shades.

Daily And Weekly Care Of Your Upholstery

The best way to clean your upholstery is to vacuum it often. This will help to prevent the buildup of dust, stains and dirt and other contaminants that could spoil the appearance of your sofa. When vacuuming be careful not to have your equipment on the highest setting as this could dislodge furniture buttons or cause the fabric to become loose over time. You can also use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to give your fabric a good finish. The crevice tool will help you to get to the tight spots down the sides of cushions and underneath cushions.

Once a week, get a damp cloth and use this to gently wipe away any stains that may have appeared on your upholstery during the week. This is especially necessary if you have kids or pets. If you have a leather sofa, also use a leather cream product that will bring out the lustre and shine of your leather and keep the surface soft and supple. It’s also important to read the care labels on your furniture before applying any cleaning or care products to your upholstery.

Arrange Deep Cleaning Once Or Twice A Year

It’s also a good idea to arrange deep cleaning once or twice a year to really bring out the best in your furniture. You could do this yourself, but to get a really deep clean, it’s best to consider the professional services of a commercial cleaner.

Whether you have a leather sofa or fabric sofa, we can transform your furniture back to its former glory. Even furniture that looks past its best can be transformed. Why not take a look at our services today to find out how we could help you to keep your furniture looking its best for many years to come? We offer everything from cleaning to complete upholstery transformation!

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